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Equifax Customer Service Number 1 (888) 548-7878

Equifax Customer Service

Equifax customer service. Get in touch with Equifax's customer service department through the following phone numbers, email, social media, live chat and contact form. For more information about credit enquiries, credit identity, credit scores, credit reports, identity theft and credit monitoring, please call the numbers listed below.

Equifax Customer Service Phone Numbers

  • Equifax Cancellations 866-243-8181
  • Equifax Dispute Number 866-349-5191
  • Customer Service 866-640-2273
  • Security Freeze 888-298-0045
  • Customer Service 800-203-7843
  • Canadien Customer Service 866-204-9044
  • Fraud Alert 888-766-0008
  • Security Breach 800-525-6285
  • Customer Service 866-373-9872
  • CSC Credit Services 800-555-4544
  • Customer Service 866-369-9152
  • Customer Service 877-784-2528
  • Business Accounts 800-202-4025
  • Dispute Fax 888-826-0549
  • Customer Service 866-229-7861
  • Customer Service 800-685-5000

How To Contact Equifax

Thank you for calling Equifax personal solutions customer care.

  • We provide exclusive support for our valued Equifax members.
  • To keep improving our services to you, we may monitor calls for training and quality purposes.
  • Please press one for an agent who speaks English.
  • Before I connect you to a live agent, I would like to invite you to participate in a survey after your call today. 
  • Because we value your opinion and appreciate your time, we will keep the questions short and sweet. 
  • If you are interested, press one now and we shall route your call to the survey after we have spoken with the agent. 
  • Alternatively, please hold while I connect your call to the next available agent.
  • We have recently changed our menu options.
  • Please listen closely so that we can direct your call to the correct customer care representative for your needs.
  • Please select from the following five options.
  • In order to speak to a representative about changing or disputing your Equifax credit report, please press one.
  • Your call is currently being transferred.
  • In the last five years, 27.3 million Americans were victims of identity theft according to the federal trade commission.
  • Equifax can protect you by alerting you to keep changes in your credit.
  • If you are an Equifax complete premier or family plan customer, make sure you activate lost wallet protection.
  • When it is active, if your wallet is lost or stolen, you can receive help in reissuing and cancelling credit and debit cards, social security card, drivers license, insurance cards, passports and travelers checks.
  • Thank you very much for calling Equifax. You are speaking to XXXX. How can I assist you today?
  • For help logging in, press two. 
  • To cancel your product, please press three.
  • To speak directly with an Equifax product specialist, press four.
  • If you need help enrolling for a product, press five.

Many people have heard of the Equifax free credit report, as this comes from a well known name in this sector. There are three brands which are so well known that they are almost household names. This branding is a clever policy, as it tends to obscure other services which may be better suited to today's demands for credit scores and added online security which the older services do not provide.

In the UK, banks do not need to reveal their credit ranking head, nor are they obliged to disclose the minimal credit score needed for the applicant to be accepted. Merely because of to this lack of guidance to the consumer, it is very unlikely for an applicant to know ahead of time if they should satisfy a lender's credit scoring conditions. So here is the benefit of seeking a free credit report from the beginning, to see if this application would be accepted or rejected. But does such a report from, say, Equifax or Experian (certainly the two best known brands) cover all the security aspects which people may be demanding in these days of cybercrime?

Credit scoring isn't restricted to loan companies. Some other firms, such as insurance providers, cellphone companies, landlords, recruiters, government sections and local authorities employ the same procedures. Credit scoring also has a lot of overlap along with data mining, which uses numerous similar skills. If seeking an Equifax free credit report never fail to consider that this has again been noted onto your financial user profile.

So it's sometimes handy to find out exactly what your credit score is, for a variety of reasons, and an Equifax free credit report that can help you make decisions dependent upon your financial status, and may additionally be able to offer associated services to assist you later on as soon as your credit profile is more established. But are there no other services which will monitor your credit file for things like attempted access to your identity or personal details?

We live in an age of competition, and these days all providers of such services, including the Experian and Equifax free credit report, should do well to listen to what consumers have been asking for. These include a much more active monitoring of what is going on in their credit profile - exactly when have any alterations been made, and by whom? What are the specific details of these intrusions into our private records which may allow people we have never met to take out details and perhaps one day use them to gain access to goods and services in our own name, in an attempt to one day steal our identity for their own gain. Such attacks happen very stealthily and very swiftly, and the damage is wide ranging, often taking months to fully clean up. Will the main service providers give you peace of mind when something like this happens?

For a free 30 day trial with QuickCreditScore, an exciting new service which has the added benefit of full anti ID theft monitoring and continual credit profile surveillance, go to the Equifax Free Credit Report Alternatives [] website and see what the service can do for you.

Equifax Inc. is one of the top three consumer credit reporting agencies, including Experian and TransUnion. Founded in 1899 as Retail Credit Company, by 1920 it had offices in the United States and Canada, and by the 1960's protected millions of credit histories. It changed it's name from Retail Credit Company to Equifax in 1975 and is traded on the New York Stock Exchange as EFX. It is a Standard and Poors (S&P) 500 company. The company corporate headquarters is in Atlanta, Georgia but it has over 4000 employees in 13 countries and reports $1.4 billion in revenue.

Equifax has had its share of criticism and has been fined by the Federal Trade Commission twice for violations of the Fair Credit Reporting Act. In the years prior to the Fair Credit Reporting Act, the criticism involved the extensive and invasive nature of the information that Equifax was gathering about consumers. At this point it was still called Retail Credit Company, and it gathered and sold information, whether true or rumor regarding private information such as marital status, employment history, sex life and political affiliation. Additional criticism occurred because of allegations that they were not only encouraging their employees to obtain this information by any means necessary, but they were also willing to sell it to anyone willing to pay.

These complaints and the advent of computerized records led to a hearing by the U.S. Congress on the subject of consumer information: what can be obtained and who it can be provided to. As a result the Fair US Credit Reporting Act was enacted in an effort to protect consumers from unlawful gathering of private and inappropriate information, as well as providing rules for the release of this information.

Equifax has been fined twice by the Federal Trade Commission for violations of the Fair Credit Reporting Act. The first instance involved all three major credit reporting companies (Equifax, Experian, and Transunion) for an amount of $2.5 million dollars for charges that they were not providing customer service during phone call inquiries for information and copies of a consumer's credit report. Apparently they did not learn their lesson as Equifax was again fined the sum of $250,000 for identical infractions of the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

Recently Equifax introduced a 3-1 Monitoring System. For $12.95 a month, consumers will receive monitoring of their credit report for all three major credit agencies of Equifax, Experian and TransUnion; automated and customized alert notification of changes to any of these three credit agency reports; unlimited access to their Equifax Credit Report; $20,000 Identity Theft Insurance policy with no deductible although certain limitations and exclusions apply and a customer service center 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Several different additional services, like Score Power, are also available and vary in type and cost from $8.95-$39.95. ScorePower is one such service which provides access to your FICO or "credit" score (not all reports provide your score, just a listing of creditors and financial information); and explanation of that your score means, how credit lenders see your credit information; a comparison of your score and the ability to use the Equifax online dispute feature free to dispute errors on your credit report. An "Interactive Score Simulator" is also available allowing you to virtually determine how your future financial decisions (buy a house, car or add a credit card) may affect your credit score.

Some consumers may feel that the price of $12.95 a month ($155.40/year) is not a good value for the money and services offered. Consumers should take into consideration that one free three agency credit report is available to them each year, however additional reports may cost approximately $10.00 each. The Equifax service does offer some advantages such as customization, wireless alerts, identity theft insurance and convenience.


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