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FedEx Customer Service Number 1 800-463-3339

FedEx Customer Service

FedEx customer service. Get in touch with FedEx's customer service department through the following phone numbers, email, social media, contact form and live chat. For more information about tracking support, express tracking, truckload brokerage and credit card support, call the numbers listed below.

FedEx Customer Service Phone Numbers

  • FedEx Truckload Brokerage 1-888-444-5940
  • Air Expedite 1-866-551-4033
  • Surface Expedite 1-866-274-6117
  • Credit card support 1 800-622-1147
  • Customer Service 800-622-1147
  • FedEx Ground Tracking 1-800-762-3725.
  • FedEx Express Tracking 1-800-463.3339

How To Contact FedEx

Welcome to FedEx. Please describe briefly what is the reason for your call. 

  • You can say things such as, "Schedule a pick-up." 
    • Schedule a pick-up. 
      • Sure, scheduling a pick-up. 
      • What’s the FedEx account number you wish to use? 
    • Or if you need a moment, say, "Let me find it" or ,"I want to order supplies." 
    • Okay, go ahead in your own words.

Even though it is now possible for you to buy everything you need for Christmas without leaving your own house, but that's not to say it isn't easy. Now instead of crowds and surly shop assistants you have to deal with delayed, lost and damaged packages. Ah, progress.

That's a little unfair. FedEX normally does an excellent job of shipping products to all corners of the globe in a timely, professional fashion. It's only some times that you need to contact FedEX by phone and find out what exactly has happened to your package. This article will go through how, not only to find a phone number for FedEX customer service but also how to deal with customer service representatives.

Finding The FedEX Support Phone Number

While finding the FedEX help phone number was once as easy as remembering that catchy jingle from the radio, or looking in the white pages it's not that easy these days. Especially when not everybody gets a phone book to begin with because they've got a cell phone but no land line.

The solution to this problem is to go online. Google is probably the best place for you to go online (even more so than the FedEX website). This is simply because just typing one of the following phrases into the search bar should bring up the results you're looking for.

* "FedEX contact number"
* "local FedEX number"
* "FedEX phone number"
* "FedEX phone number for (put in the name of your town)"

But before you get any form of resolution you're going to need to deal with a FedEX representative.

Dealing With FedEX Customer Representatives

When it comes to dealing with people on the phone a good motto to remember is that of the Scout organization; "always be prepared." Have the following things on-hand:

* Your tracking number
* The contents of the package
* The address it was being shipped to
* The address it was being shipped from
* The timeline of events as you remember them.

Another thing you will need to do is to repeat what the customer representative said in order to check that you know what they mean. And that's it, by following those four steps you'll have the situation resolved in no time.

Don't mess around with Google to find the fedex phone number. Visit



FedEx Custom Service Contact Information

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