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FedEx International Customer Service Number 1.800.463.3339

FedEx International Customer Service

FedEx International customer service. Get in touch with FedEx International's customer service department through the following phone numbers, social media, contact form and live chat. For more information about orders, deliveries, cargo claims, billings, postage rates and delivery times, please call the numbers listed below.

FedEx International Customer Service Phone Numbers

  • Cargo Claims Inquiries 1-800-332-0807
  • FedEx U.S. Billing Inquiries 1-800-622-1147
  • TDD 1-800-464-0709

How To Contact FedEx International

Thank you for calling FedEx. How may I help you?

  • Thank you very much for calling FedEx Freight International Customer Service. Please listen carefully because some options have recently changed. 
  • Please choose from the following options:
    • Press 1 for help with shipments to or from Canada.
    • Press 2 for help with shipments to or from Mexico.
    • Press 3 for help with shipments to or from Puerto Rico.
    • For all other international enquiries, please press 4.

There are many FedEx Careers that are available but the highest profiled job at FedEx is that of the driver. Often referred to as "The FedEx Man", there is a lot that goes into the position that we do not actually see.

A FedEx driver has more to do than just driver up and down the streets in your local neighborhood as that is just a small part of his responsibilities. His day begins with checking in with the supervisor for the day to see if there is any new training or information that needs to be passed on to him.

Secondly, he checks his vehicle for safety before entering the truck. A safety checklist is followed very closely as FedEx is a safety conscious company. Any safety issues with the truck have to be addressed before exiting the building to go on his route.

The FedEx driver also has to check his freight as his truck is almost always loaded for him before he arrives at the terminal. Matching the freight to his manifest, any errors or inconsistencies have to be shown to his supervisor and adjustments have to be made in order to ensure the timely delivery of the cargo.

The daily route begins with the next day freight that is time sensitive and has to be delivered before 10:30 in the morning so his route is set up both chronologically and geographically. After the next day freight is delivered he uploads proof of delivery signatures telephonically which are time stamped.

All of the above has to be precise and very organized or freight may get lost and the company would not only lose the revenue from the package but may also be on the hook for the contents.

One way to find out more information on Fedex Careers [] is to visit our site and read about some of the other opportunities offered by Fedex. A job at Fedex [] can be a great opportunity as they treat their employees like gold and promote from within.

Fedex offers a multitude of job opportunities and you may be a good fit for more than just one so it is worth your while to take a look at all of them.


FedEx International Custom Service Contact Information

FedEx International Services

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