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Hulu Customer Service Number 1 (888) 265-6650

Hulu Customer Service

  • 1 (888) 265-6650
  • 5:00 AM to 10:00 PM Pacific Time (7 days of week)
  • 4 mins wait

Contact Hulu customer care on the phone number given above. For other services like Hulu login isssues, Hulu channels details, Hulu movies, Hulu shows and Hulu Plus subscription, please use the specific phone numbers given below.

Hulu Customer Service Phone Numbers

  • Corporate Offices 310-571-4700
  • Contact Hulu Customer Care 1-310-551-4700
  • Hulu Customer Service Phone Number 1-818-850-7806
  • Hulu Phone Number For Additional Services 1-877-719-2773
  • Hulu Plus Customer Service Number 1-1 (888) 265-6650

Additional Customer Service Phone Numbers

  • International Customers 1-888-265-6650

How To Contact Hulu

Welcome to Hulu customer service.

  • Press 1 for questions about new subscriptions 
  • Press 3 for troubles with Hulu 
  • Press 5 if you are not sure

Hulu is a streaming video service that offers many network TV shows and movies totally free. Hulu has a paid account option called Hulu Plus that offers an expanded content selection and also allows for access through many Internet connected devices. Hulu instantly stream video from the Internet to your computer or Internet connected device. Because Hulu streams the media, there is no waiting for your favorite content to download. All you have to do is select what you want to watch, and watch it, instantly. Hulu also provides convenient pause and rewind features that make the experience similar to watching a DVD or a program recorded on a DVR. Hulu offers TV shows from Fox, ABC, CBS, NBC and more. Most popular TV shows are available on Hulu a day or so after their original television air date. Hulu also offers many movies. However, the movie selection is somewhat limited. Don't expect to see the latest blockbuster new releases on Hulu. You can expect to see a good selection of older classics and obscure but quality movies.

Have you watched television online? Chances are that you've been to one of the most popular video streaming sites: You'll find a variety of past television episodes to watch.

It is sad however that people outside of the United States cannot get access to Hulu movies online. For those in the US however, getting access to Hulu movies is free and a great way to pass the time.

If you are one of those people who always miss their favorite shows on the tube, then going to hulu is a must. The website is a joint venture of ABC, Inc, Fox Entertainment Group and NBC Universal. It is funded by Providence Equity Partners. Its name is based on the Mandarin term "Hulu" which means "the keeper of precious things". This is a relatively great term for a website that holds great videos from both television and the movies.

Whether it is Hulu glee you are after or maybe Hulu 30 Rock, then this site is the place to be. If you would like to watch a few movies during the weekend, you no longer need to rent a movie because you can use your Hulu desktop to your heart's content.

The Hulu venture that powers Hulu TV went live in August 2007 but still had to undergo a series of testing. It went public in the USA on March 12 of 2008.

It was first advertised in NBC's Super Bowl XLIII broadcast. The ad starred Alec Baldwin as an alien whose main life goal is to destroy the world as we know it. Other ads were released that year to introduce to the American public about the existence of Hulu free movies.

By April 30th of 2009, Disney joined the venture and by 2010 Hulu started making very good money. The Hulu site is ranked by as the 35th most popular site in America and ranks 201 in the world.

Today, the website is one of the most popular video streaming sites in the US since it not only carries shows from ABC, FOX and NBC but it also has samplings from other channels. This includes Bravo, Current TV, PBS, Fuel TV, USA Network, NFL Network, FX, Speed, Style, Syfy, E!, Sundance, Big Ten, Versus, G4, Oxygen and many more.

Apart from watching Hulu TV on your desktop or your laptop computer, you also have the choice of watching Hulu on TV. If you have PlayOn software and have consoles that work with that software, you will be able to watch Hulu right on your television set.

Those who are addicted to watching their favorite shows on Hulu found this new offering quite amazing because it is like enjoying television the traditional way and there is no need to use headphones or use the largest monitor in the house to watch their favorite shows.

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There are many devices that allow Hulu Plus to be streamed directly to your TV with no computer required. These devices are often called digital video players or streaming video players. One of the most popular brands of these devices is Roku. A Roku connected to your TV, along with a Hulu Plus subscription, allows to you stream all of the content Hulu has to offer directly to your TV. Of course a high-speed Internet connection is require, and a Hulu Plus subscription costs about $8 a month. The Roku device itself is very small and starts at less than $60 for the entry-level model. Other models are available for slightly more money that include some additional features, but the basic model should fit most people's needs. Roku also streams content from many other providers such as Netflix, Amazon Video On Demand, and the popular free music service Pandora.

So, for less than $60 initially and $8 a month you can have an amazing amount of viewing options available instantly on your television. Hulu Plus and Roku make a great pair.

Finally, if you would like to read more about Roku media [], Roku Review articles, and deals on Roku and other video streaming devices, please check out Roku Review at [].

Every website has to have a cute name these days. Hulu is a great example. The idea is a good one. Hulu is a site where you can quickly and easily download all sorts of television shows and movies right to your computer or other device. Best of all, Hulu is free and legal. That combination is tough to beat.

If your initial reaction to what Hulu can offer you is "wow," its understandable. However, sadly, there is a problem with Hulu. For that matter, there are lots of problems. Let me explain...

The execution of this idea isn't quite as good as the promise. One of the most prominent and obvious problems is that the top and most current television shows are simply missing from the Hulu website. Unfortunately, this factor defeats much of the website's promise.

You don't have to be a television expert to realize that much of what is on Hulu isn't very special at all. You can find the content in a variety of other places. For example, if you have a Netflix subscription you can stream content that is usually of far better quality.

Of course, unlike Hulu, Netflix is a paid service. However, many people have Netflix accounts anyway, so they can take advantage of the streaming service for no additional cost.

Another common criticism of the Hulu website is that you can't watch full seasons of many shows. In fact, the site is wildly disjointed. You might find your favorite show only to discover, rather perplexingly, that there are only a few scattered episodes.

This can be frustrating to people who get hooked on a television show and then quickly find they are left hanging with no ability to finish the season that they are following.

Let's face it, lots of television shows that you would never want to watch are being offered up for free on Hulu. So the fact that they are there is really pretty meaningless. Many of the programs on Hulu are really of poor quality.

All of these mistakes could be somewhat forgiven if Hulu had not been oversold as an "entertainment revolution." Unfortunately, Hulu is not a revolution, at least not yet. Skeptics increasingly doubt that it ever will be a revolution.

So are there problems with Hulu? Most definitely! I have my doubts about whether or not these issues will be repaired anytime soon. With the plethora of viewing options available online, a lot of people are wondering what the value of Hulu is for the average television viewer/computer user. This is a valid question and one that Hulu just doesn't seem to know how to answer.



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