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Macy Credit Card Customer Service Number 1 (800) 289-6229

Macy Credit Card Customer Service

Macy's Credit Card customer service. Get in touch with Macy's Credit Card customer service department through the following phone numbers, email, social media, contact form and online chat. For more information on applying, interest rates, benefits, spending levels, Star Passes and Plenti Points, call the numbers listed below.

Macy Credit Card Customer Service Phone Numbers

  • Customer Service 866-593-3929
  • Macy’s Furniture & Bedding 888-431-6229
  • Customer Service 877-204-7996

How To Contact Macy Credit Card

Thank you very much for calling Macy’s Credit Customer Service. Your call could be monitored or recorded for quality assurance.

  • Our menu has changed so please listen to every option before making your selection. 
  • If you are calling with questions regarding your Macy’s star rewards account online, or if you are having difficulty paying your account online, press 1.
  • If you are calling with regards to your Macy’s star reward account balance, press 2.
  • If you are calling to request a credit line increase on your Macy’s star rewards account, press 3.
  • If you are calling with questions regarding placing an order on Macy’ or alternatively about a returned item that was purchased on Macy’, press 4.
  • For any other calls, please hold.
  • Thank you for calling our credit center. Your call is very important to us. 
  • All calls are answered in the order they are received, so please hold and a representative will be with you shortly.

About 8 years ago I signed up for a credit card with my local Wells Fargo bank, it only offered a meager $500.00 credit card limit, but hey I was a College Freshman at the time what was I suppose to expect? It suited my needs perfectly fine all I needed was something to pay for the gasoline in my car and the books until I got paid from my part time job to pay off the entire balance in full each billing period.

I have kept this up meticulously and I never carry a balance that carries interest fees because it would mean that my purchase ends up costing more than the sticker price I originally paid for the item. To me it was about building credit and how credit cards offer amazing convenience of not having to carry cash around. Plus carrying cash around for bigger purchases like Laptop computers, Television sets, or PlayStation 3s never seemed safe to me.

With the fact that I make payments in full for the last 8 years and have kept this process up consistently I have developed a habit of checking my credit report annually. If I can get a free credit report every year as a result of a Government mandated free credit report program, we are all allowed to get a free copy of our credit report every year, and there is no reason why I don't want to check my credit report annually. There is good reason for this and I will tell you why in a bit, but ever since an unfortunate incident I have also signed up for credit protection as well. With ID Protection I am able to get alerts sent to my designated email whenever there is a potential incident for fraud.

So two years ago I pulled up my credit report and noticed that there was a Macy's Visa card account opened under my name that I have never opened. It was resolved by talking to the credit agencies and they began an investigation into the matter. They contacted Macy's and discovered that it was a simple SSN# slip up, and as a result the unpaid and uncollectible Macy's Visa account was taken off my name in a few days. The experience definitely got me concerned that these things may happen again in the future beyond any of our own control. The only resolve I could figure out is to put the necessary protection controls in place to avoid having any issues with my credit in the future.

You can learn more about Credit Protection and Identity Lookout programs on the internet for further research if you think that you may have some fraudulent activities on your credit report, but the first step to that is getting your credit report.

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