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PayPal Customer Service Number 1 402-935-2050

PayPal Customer Service

  • 1 402-935-2050
  • 4:00 AM to 10:00 PM Pacific Time Monday through Friday; 6:00 AM to 8:00 PM
  • 9 mins wait

PayPal customer service. Get in touch with PayPal's customer service department via the following phone numbers, email, contact form and social media. For all enquiries about sending and receiving money, withdrawals, transactions, insurance and eBay integration, please call the numbers listed below.

PayPal Customer Service Phone Numbers

  • Merchant Services 866-428-0256
  • Customer Service 877-569-1136
  • Customer Service 402-935-2050

How To Contact PayPal

PayPal is an online payment system that allows people to purchase goods or service from a seller in a safe secure manner without disclosing their credit cards or bank accounts to the seller. The PayPal system collects the money from the buyer and gives it to the seller. It acts as an intermediary. When good are not delivered the PayPal system will intervene. They will often penalize the seller by revoking their account if they are unable to get them to return the buyers money.

The system is more impartial where good are concerned rather than where services are concerned. In certain instances, they will not intervene if services are involved since they cannot impartially determine if service was indeed rendered and to what extent. Therefore, you need to be cautious when purchasing services using PayPal with the knowledge that you could loose your money with no one to help you.

The PayPal service is free to occasionally and casual users. However, businesses are charged a small percentage of the sale. In order to make money with PayPal you must have something to sell. There is no other way to make money with PayPal since it is just a middle man for the collection and disbursement of money.

The service that PayPal provides is very valuable and is a useful asset in making money online. If you sell goods on eBay, it is easy to receive payment with PayPal. The PayPal system is integrated into the eBay system and at the time of this writing, eBay actually owns PayPal. To use PayPal on eBay there is nothing additional that the seller has to buy. All they need to do is to sign up for a free PayPal account.

Some sellers are unable to open merchant accounts in order to receive payment by credit cards. This is because the requirement for holding a merchants account is rather stringent and lengthy and people with poor credit may not have access to this, but usually they can get a PayPal account.

You can also receive payment from your internet marketing activity via PayPal. The PayPal system makes it easy to add payment buttons to your website or for Affiliate Sellers to pay their marketers via PayPal.

The PayPal system has the capability of attaching to your credit card or bank account so that when you make a purchase the money can come directly from your credit card or bank account into your PayPal account and on to the merchant.

Now that you know what PayPal is, you may wish to sign up for an account. I find it very easy and safe to pay for things online with this system.

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Thank you for calling PayPal. Calls maybe recorded for quality. 

  • It looks like you have one time pass code. Please enter or say it now.
  • Alternatively, if you need more time to find it, say, "Just a moment."
  • Thanks, one moment. Your current balance is zero.
  • In couple of words, please tell me what you are calling about.
  • You can say things such as, "How do I refund someone?" or, "I have not received my payment." 
  • These are just examples, so please tell me why you are calling.

PayPal Custom Service Contact Information

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