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Time Warner Cable Customer Service Number 1-800-892-4357

Time Warner Cable Customer Service

Call Time Warner Cable on this phone number to talk to a customer service representative. For all other information regarding login issues, TV guides, cable, internet speeds, WiFi modem guide, bill payment, digital adaptors, remote codes help, channels, packages and technical support for business class, please use the specific phone numbers given below.

Time Warner Cable Customer Service Phone Numbers

  • New Orders (TV, Internet, Cable) 1-855-892-1002
  • Time Warner Bill Pay By Phone 800-892-4357
  • Moving & Address Change Concierge 877-318-2092
  • Time Warner Cable Customer service (Existing) 1-888-TW-Cable (1-888-892-2253)
  • Businesses (TV, Internet, Phone, Cloud Services) 1-866-892-4249
  • Customer Service Number For Espanol 1-855-391-1531

Additional Customer Service Phone Numbers

  • TWC Ethernet Services 1-855-872-7156
  • TWC My Move Customer Service 1-855-892-6683
  • Time Warner Home Security Support (new order) 1-855-274-6711
  • IntelligentHome Security Customer Support 1-855-632-6060
  • Enterprises (sales) 1-855-872-7155
  • Digital Adapters Support 1-855-286-1736
  • Enterprises (support) 1-877-892-4662
  • Mobile Internet 1-888-662-4577

How To Contact Time Warner Cable

Welcome to Time Warner Cable. Thank you for calling.

  • This call may be monitored or recorded for training purposes. [Para espanol marque cinco]. 
  • You can respond to this system by using your voice or a touch tone keypad. 
  • To switch to touch tone only, please press star nine nine (*99) at any time. 
  • Do you already have a Time Warner Cable account? 
  • Yes. Great, now beginning with the area code, please tell me the ten digit phone number associated with your account.

Do you need broadband? Or just a dial-up service? Do you choose cable or DSL? You definitely need to think over these questions before you decide on an ISP. The last thing you want to do is to sign up with a bad ISP package.

This article goes through some of these questions to help you make a better decision.

1. Dial-up Or Broadband

First off, if you're trying to choose an ISP, I'd imagine you're confused about which company to go for. Now, before we look at which companies, it is important to decide what kind of Internet Service you want.

Ok, forget what people tell you. There are only two kinds of Internat Service to think about - dial-up and broadband.

A dial-up connection is extremely slow and you need to dial into the ISP phone network to gain Internet access. Also, if there is an incoming call on that phone line, you get disconnected.

Many people subscribe to broadband internet access services instead. If you're the kind of user who wants to be online all the time and download a lot of songs, pictures and play online games, then broadband is a no-brainer.

Click here to check out a good deals on broadband subscriptions in your area.

2. Cable Modems and DSL

Now wait, your decision is not made yet. Assuming you want broadband internet access, you still have to decide what technology you want to use.

I know you get confused by all the technical jargon out there and its painful. So here's the low-down. There are 2 main types of broadband technologies out there now - cable and DSL.

My personal favorite would be cable technology, but your views may differ. All in all, the pricing and subscription plans for each of the three technologies differ from company to company - so do your research first.

3. Search For That ISP

Now that you've decided on dial-up or broadband access, as well the broadband technology to use, it's time to look for an ISP. There are many ISPs out there, but I've compiled some of the best for you to check out:

TimeWarner Cable allows you to access the Internet easily with its great Road Runner High Speed Online service. It is well known to be one of the premier broadband service providers in the US.

Verizon Online DSL offers good DSL services to help you connect to the Internet on a broadband connection. Their customer service is known to be very good and their plans are very affordable.


I hope this article has helped you understand the factors to think about when choosing an Internet Service Provider (ISP). Try to review the above points before you make a decision. Good luck ISP hunting!


When it comes to unlimited phone service providers, there are two categories. One being the cable/traditional phone providers and the other being the pure VOIP providers. The cable/traditional phone providers can obviously provide a premium level of service since they own the last mile. The pure VOIP providers, however, simply deliver voice over an existing internet connection.

Providers such as Vonage, TeleBlend, Lingo, Pack8 etc all provide the same service. They all deliver voice over your internet connection. In a heavily over-subscribed residential Internet market, quality of the phone calls are heavily dependent on the quality of your Internet connection.

So when choosing an unlimited provider, go with Comcast, TimeWarner etc. if you are looking for premium quality and price is not an option. Don't get fooled by the promotional pricing and be prepared to pay $40 to $50 per month for their unlimited phone service once the promotions expire.
However, if the occasional hiccup in quality is not an issue, choose a pure VOIP player that delivers voice over your existing Internet connection. If you make 20 calls in one day and 1 of they had a little blip in the quality, do you care? Most likely, not.

Most consumers have mobile lines and therefore the house phone is only a backup or secondary line. The price of VOIP should be less than $20 since it is delivered over the Internet with no guarantees and therefore the Vonage price model does not make much sense. If they offer Internet phone service for $24.95 and the other players such as TeleBlend offer the same phone service for $15.95, who should you choose? I personally would go with the TeleBlend or other cheaper phone services because if I am willing to pay more, I will go with the cable solutions with premium quality.
So far, TeleBlend appears to be the cheapest unlimited phone service on the market, but others do appear to be reducing their pricing.

The magicjack service appears to be quite attractive as well, except for the fact that you have to use your computer to make the calls. Not much of a fan of that since I prefer an independent phone line.


Time Warner Cable Custom Service Contact Information

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